Mo the Poet was born and raised in South Philadelphia. A self taught poet, she writes about a variety of topics such as queerness, the good, bad and ugly sides of love, activism and mental health. A stream of consciousness writer with roots in jazz, Mo loves to reach her audience in both meaningful and funny ways- she hopes her words uplift and inspire a sense of love and community.

Laura Neill's Solo Show: In this semi-comedic romp through infinite space and time, a playwright writes a solo show tracking the histories and futures of the atoms in her body. Laura is a survivor of trauma, but this show isn't about that. It's about seeking to understand her physical self and its connection to the universe, and how being a dead raccoon could be... cool?

Giovanna (she/her) is a storyteller who believes in art as a form of healing. Her work revolves around the belief that we all have a garden inside us worthy of care and blossoming. In La Petite Mort, a young woman unwittingly summons Desire and must deal with the consequences when it works.