Alien Play
Written by Carolina Đỗ
Directed by 김채송 Chaesong Kim
Four humans walk into an immigration facility...three walk out as aliens. Like real aliens. It costs more than a lot of money to be an immigrant in America— documented or undocumented. When going up against a money-hungry and remorseless bureaucratic immigration system that’s designed for you to fail, are you willing to gamble your life, your sanity, your self-worth, your humanity for a chance? A chance at what though? And yet, why are they anchored here?

Light + House
Written by é boylan
Directed by Dante Green
Every night, Sybil dreams of her own death. In every dream, a strange figure watches her die. But today, he appears in reality, in her living room, asking for her dreams to end. Light House follows a playwright trying to write Sybil's story. In writing this story, they begin to question where a ghost story ends and a love story begins. How do we grieve by telling stories about love?

We Go East
Written by Jaucqir
Directed by Autumn Angelettie
We Go East is a reimagining of the Abrahamic creation myth of Adam and Eve. It started with a kind of joke premise, positing the question, "What if Adam was actually the one that ate the apple first?" In writing it, it turned into my understanding, or lack thereof, of how it must have felt being the first two people alive.

Blackpilled, A Blueprint
Written by Alex Beige
Directed by Sam Morreale
Blackpilled, A Blueprint is simultaneously a technique for reassuring a hopeless friend, a refutation of the nihilist worldview underpinning ‘black-pilled’ internet subculture, and an intimate firsthand account of digital racism’s lasting effects. We may think we’re immune to propaganda, but no one ever is. Blackpilled, A Blueprint lays bare how this propaganda infiltrates a mind, and offers a blueprint for breaking free.