Four Curated Directors 

Four Emerging Playwrights 


The Makers' Ensemble Presents their second annual SHORT PLAY FEST. Four Curated Directors lead work-in-progress showings of four new plays by four emerging playwrights.  


Written by Parade Stone 

Directed by Jordan Laffrenier 

Byron, an expert in all things fishing in New York City, forms an unlikely bond with the stoic visitor to the East River fishing site under the FDR Drive, Lucas. Despite a rough start to the relationship which consists of Lucas cursing Byron out in Portuguese, their conversations about fishing techniques devolve into meditations on father and son relationships, the inevitability of loss, and the intangible power of a New York City sunset.  


Written by Kimoy James 

Directed by Mayah Lourdes Burke 

Motherless…, is a play about grief, healing, and love. Four women; surviving after their mother’s passing, take a step into vulnerability and arrive at an honest moment in their lives where it forces them to not only see their truth but to speak it. Some for the first time. This play is for anyone who has lost someone important to them and courageously lives on. 

Based on a True Story

Written by Dane Rooney 

Directed by Sunflower B. Rose 

Have you ever had a conversation with strangers that changes your life? “Based on a True Story” is just that—a true life tête-à-tête on the film Call Me by Your Name. Ultimately, the play is about how art can unlock the secret desires of our past and seize our days while they last. 


Written by Angel J. Rivas 

Directed by Camille Pileggi 

TUG is a story about two individuals who love each other deeply but can’t find a way to make it work. I drew from past relationships of mine, but also those I observed going through life. I've come to realize that love is a force that can bind even the most incompatible individuals. It can create this push and pull that inevitably leaves someone victorious and the other, on the ground, defeated.