Dove, Zir Indigo, & Judette Elliston

The Makers' Space, 117 Grattan St. Studio 120, Brooklyn

Dove is a performance artist, archery instructor, and sex worker who writes music anytime she can remember to. Her music is inspired by all the indie acoustic bands who don’t sing particularly well, but sing beautifully.

Zir Indigo is the solo project of Lotus James Rogers, a multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. The music and poetry of the project centers around trans identity and depersonalization inspired by genres of alternative, art rock, and folk music.

Judette Elliston (she/her) is a Haitian-Canadian vocalist, composer, and improviser based in Brooklyn, New York. For Elliston, capturing how we move through grief, trauma, and joy is at the forefront of her singing and storytelling. While her artistic voice is rooted in jazz, singer-songwriter and folk influences can also be heard in her music. Recently, Elliston has incorporated reinterpretations of Haitian folk songs in her repertoire. The introduction of new instruments and jazz influences to these songs results in a sonic merging of past and present. Currently, Elliston is recording “Tiny” a debut EP of original music for voice, harp, cello, and guitar set for release in 2023.