2021 - 2022


Four Plays. Two Weeks.

Two Original Works. Two Classics.

One Set. One Ensemble 


Giiiiiirls Triiiiiip

by Ensemble Member Claire Tumey

Directed by Ensemble Members Aigner Mizzelle & Camille Pileggi

Dramaturgy by Ensemble Member Talia Paulette Oliveras


Your local girl gang’s all here 2 years after graduation, and it might be on the verge of collapse. A surprise wilderness retreat with an Instagram Witch might’ve been a bad idea on Rebecca’s part, but then again, it’s not the WORST idea she’s ever spun into reality. If there’s anything she learned after 4 years of fraternity parties, social climbing, and the occasional college credit, it’s that you CAN manipulate your life… but only with a little help from your friends. This play is a story about every time you’ve ever looked in a mirror and saw something that wasn’t actually there. This is a story about wondering if your friends actually like you or not. This is a story about Cotton-Candy Colored compromise and immaculately manicured trust issues. This is NOT a story about Rebecca Walden. And, yes: I guess in the end, this is also a story about penises.


Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

Revised & Edited by The Makers' Ensemble

Directed by Founding Artistic Director Dante Green


The Makers' Ensemble continues its inaugural season with a classic comedic play by William Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing is a tale of misunderstandings, love and deception. Benedick (or Benedict?), Claudio and their leader, Dona Pedra arrive at to the luxurious lake property of Senora Leonata's house in Upstate Messina. Beatrice and Benedick bicker with each other while Claudio, a soldier, falls in love with Leonata's daughter, Hero. Stay tuned for this powerful twist on a well known classic, led by The Makers' Founding Artistic Director, Dante Green, featuring a star studded cast including Jabari Banks (Bel-Air), and Aigner Mizzelle (Chicken & Biscuits).


Postponed Indefinitely


Postponed Indefinitely