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Buki & Jimmy Kraft

The Makers' Space, 117 Grattan St. Studio 120, Brooklyn

Buki is a Brooklyn-based indie-alternative musician. Her set will include a collection of songs which lyrical themes center around reflections on childhood, melancholy, and grief.

Jimmy Kraft is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with roots in jazz and a deep appreciation for thoughtful creation. He approaches his craft with passion and subtlety, fusing a multitude of aesthetic influences into his songwriting. His lush harmonic language and nuanced lyrics explore universally human themes with clarity and urge listeners to reflect more richly upon their own experiences.

Caden Brauch

The Makers' Space, 117 Grattan St. Studio 120, Brooklyn

A Journey To Kill (Part Of) Myself is a coming-of-age story about searching for happiness in life. Armed with only a Map of the Hero's Journey and the Libretto of the musical Pippin, our Hero finds himself running from his past while searching for the one thing to bring his life happiness and meaning. Will our Hero be able to succeed when he's already been prophesied to fail? Will he find a mentor like all great heroes have? And will he outsmart Joseph Campbell (Architect of the Hero's Journey) or was that bastard right all along? Come see A Journey To Kill (Part Of) Myself to find out!

Marissa Alaniz

The Makers' Space, 117 Grattan St. Studio 120, Brooklyn

Marissa Alaniz's Play: In January of 1947 Elizabeth Short was found brutally murdered in a vacant Los Angeles lot. Since then, she has shot to a post-mortem celebrity status. Despite the spotlight, her life and final moments remain a mystery. Using FBI case files, newspaper quotes, and official biographies, Elizabeth: An American Noir attempts to recenter the voice of a victim that has been silent for 76 years and turn the spotlight away from the tragedy of her death and onto her vibrant and complicated life.

Mo the Poet was born and raised in South Philadelphia. A self taught poet, she writes about a variety of topics such as queerness, the good, bad and ugly sides of love, activism and mental health. A stream of consciousness writer with roots in jazz, Mo loves to reach her audience in both meaningful and funny ways- she hopes her words uplift and inspire a sense of love and community.

Laura Neill's Solo Show: In this semi-comedic romp through infinite space and time, a playwright writes a solo show tracking the histories and futures of the atoms in her body. Laura is a survivor of trauma, but this show isn't about that. It's about seeking to understand her physical self and its connection to the universe, and how being a dead raccoon could be... cool?

Giovanna (she/her) is a storyteller who believes in art as a form of healing. Her work revolves around the belief that we all have a garden inside us worthy of care and blossoming. In La Petite Mort, a young woman unwittingly summons Desire and must deal with the consequences when it works.

Dove is a performance artist, archery instructor, and sex worker who writes music anytime she can remember to. Her music is inspired by all the indie acoustic bands who don’t sing particularly well, but sing beautifully.

Zir Indigo is the solo project of Lotus James Rogers, a multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. The music and poetry of the project centers around trans identity and depersonalization inspired by genres of alternative, art rock, and folk music.

Judette Elliston (she/her) is a Haitian-Canadian vocalist, composer, and improviser based in Brooklyn, New York. For Elliston, capturing how we move through grief, trauma, and joy is at the forefront of her singing and storytelling. While her artistic voice is rooted in jazz, singer-songwriter and folk influences can also be heard in her music. Recently, Elliston has incorporated reinterpretations of Haitian folk songs in her repertoire. The introduction of new instruments and jazz influences to these songs results in a sonic merging of past and present. Currently, Elliston is recording “Tiny” a debut EP of original music for voice, harp, cello, and guitar set for release in 2023.

Sarah Groustra (she/her) is the writer/performer of MELODY, a show where gothic body horror meets "The Feminine Mystique." An aging 1970s feminist icon recounts the strange night when a pregnant young woman appeared on her doorstep. In the short play "Melody," an aging 1970s feminist icon recounts the strange night when a pregnant young woman appeared on her doorstep. A gothic horror story meets "The Feminine Mystique." Written & performed by Sarah Groustra.

Alison Cummins (she/her) is a NYC-based writer interested in exploring queerness and youth on stage. Her play The Marriage Tree was recently produced at Seattle Pacific University, and she holds an MA in Writing for the Stage and Screen from University College Dublin. Sour Wires is a short play that is, for the most part, about lemons. 15-year-old El sneaks into their neighbor Darla’s backyard in order to steal lemons from Darla’s homegrown lemon tree. In the midst of thievery, the two find that they just may be what the other needs for this short moment.

Matt DeMaria hates theater but loves theater with all his heart. He wants to create something unexpected but familiar. Tonight you’ll hear two pieces from his musical “Vincent,” an emo-rock musical about Vincent Van Gogh, songs from his anime inspired musical “The Living Club” and a new piece.

Alina Jacobs is a writer, performer and sound enthusiast from NYC. She has performed in multiple states and countries in solo, duo and ensemble combinations. Her music work falls within the fields of free improvisation, noise and sound design. Alina will perform an improvised set on tenor saxophone.

Um, Jennifer? makes Trans Slut Rock. Um, Jennifer? is the best sex you’ve ever had.

Emma Blue Jeans is an angsty child of divorce and singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY raised in New Jersey. EBJ writes song for those grappling with the loss of the naivety or youth, collaging soundscapes and home artifacts to embellish the hauntings of the past plaguing the present.